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Best Buy Thieves Caught on Camera

on Wed, 10/24/2012 - 17:11

A mid-September theft leaves a Lee County store short nearly $4,000 in electronics that were taken off the shelves, and out of the store, completely unnoticed – and unpaid for.  Trish Routte has the story on how your information could help ID a well versed group of thieves. 



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I love the videos that you share. I hope the thieves get what they deserve get my credit score

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They got instant karma for what they did! I wish more crimes could be caught red handed. That would provide damning evidence against them without any hope for escape! microsoft outlook help Although cameras everywhere would result in a real dystopia much like the novel by George Orwell, it would surely decrease crimes.

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The rate of such crimes has now increased a lot. There has to be some action taken by the law against this

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Often in many channels we find the footage of buy theives They just make the shop keeper frightened with the help of gun or some sort of weapon and steel money.